Thursday, July 23, 2009

Teenagers Add Fun and Perspective

Call me crazy but (OK, you were a little too quick with that!), as I was saying, call me crazy but I love having teenagers around. Well, young adults too. We have three extra tonight and the house is full of life. Please understand that our house is typically full of life anyway, especially with our star entertainers Christa and Charissa. Add three more, two Davis kids and Jonathan's fiance Marissa and we have a super sized allotment of fun.

I came home with a few minor but not overwhelming burdens from the day. They quickly melted in laughter and hugs and joking. Not only was I having fun but I was getting a fresh dose of perspective. The other stuff of life just does not compare to this!

Feeling down, burdened or distracted? Go borrow a couple of extra teenagers (or young adults). There, now don't you feel better?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mistakes I Have Made: No Time For Rest

One of the problems I am trying to correct is a serious issue that I left undone for a long time. Specifically, I neglected this while I was Pastoring a church. I did not make time for rest. Since January I have been working on this. Recently I have taken time to go to the beach and to go on a Summer hunt in South Texas. The nicest thing about both of these is that I did not have to rush to get back in time to be at my home church. While I realize I had "job responsibilities" my actions still contributed to the unhelpful "more religious but not more spiritual" syndrome.

Another side effect of this was the burden it created in the rest of the schedule. Because so many things were done in rush mode with no margin I managed to teach my children to work that way as well. Many times I see their hastiness, impatience and failure to think things through and realize that I am quite likely the one who fostered that.

To my kids. Get off the "hurry" treadmill and enjoy the down times. Plan for them. Put margin in the schedule.

To my friends I want you to answer the question with me, "Did my schedule and lack of rest contribute to my health problems? (Stroke, seizures, blockage, lack of exercise and poor eating habits leading to obesity)

Pull out your calender and schedule rest. Hurry! Do it now!