Friday, November 10, 2006

Class Reunion

I admit I am terrible at keeping up with this Blog thing. The fact is I already know what I think and I am therefore more interested in reading other peoples blogs to see what they are thinking. That means I end up writing mostly about personal expeiences that interest a few of my friends and family and not all you suave current issues types. So today I am going to tell you about the exciting and terrible experience of my 20 year college reunion. It was exciting to see some old friends, though too many did not show. It was terrible to suddenly be faced with the realization that, despite how I feel, I am old enough to go to a 20 year class reunion!
Of course I graduated from college at the age of 10. If that were true I would be in good shape. The truth is I was 21. You do the math. I could have told people it was my wife's reunion and that I am much younger than she is, while this would have been true it would not have been accurate. We graduated together so there was no honest way to avoid it being my 2o year landmark since irresponsible fun ended and reality showed up for a very long stay.
This was all made worse by the fact that we had several conversations with Professors who currently teach at the University regarding my son who will start at the same place next fall. Let's face it, life slips by very quickly. (Side note: A funny thing happened as shortly after we turned in his application for admission we received a call from campus security to let Jonathan know that, based on family history, they would be watching him very closely. This despite the fact that my son is so much straighter of an arrow that I was that he makes his Godly Mother look like a reprobate. Come to think about it, maybe they were calling because of the way SHE acted in college. Hmm, I don't think so.
To my faithful yet disturbed friends and family who read this blog, all three of you, please feel my pain.
The final straw though was that the reunion occured on the opening day of deer season. May I just ask, what kind of a place called EAST TEXAS Baptist University schedules important events on a religious holiday? I think my neighbor shot my buck. Meanwhile our worship leader, who does a great job every Sunday leading us to worship the King of Kings, took a nine pointer and rubbed it in by sending me pictures. This leads me to think email is of the devil and Bo is such a heathen!

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