Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Morning at the SBC

The report of Morris Chapman from the Executive Committee and the motion passed last night to affirm the Baptist Faith and Message as our statement of doctrinal agreement, accountability or co-operation seemed very understandable to me.

Now after hearing several prominent seminary presidents speak I have been "enlightened" that they do not understand this in the same clear way. Apparently I should have stayed in Seminary longer. I guess you have to have a certain number of letters behind your name before you can understand that the thing which clearly means "this" instead means "that", the exact opposite of "this". Am I right about this? :>) Of course I'm right.

Allow me though to express a small degree of righteous anger. I have heard several people disparage the leadership of the SBC by our President, Frank Page. He has conducted himself with love and respect throughout this entire time. As far as Sweetie and I can tell he has exuded a sincere love for everyone he has addressed, even when they may not have deserved such graceful treatment. I am glad he is my President.

PS: There was another President who addressed the Convention this morning. This one from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He had a great message but I still wish he would do more to close the security risks at our borders. Nevertheless his stand on right to life issues has been commendable.


Sam W. said...


Thanks for your comments.

Small world, as I work for Bank of America in Charlotte, NC as a Financial Analyst. I also serve as the Minister to Children at Pine Grove Baptist in Lake Wylie, SC - part time as I complete my BA in Religion at Luther Rice.

I wanted to comment on Dr. Page, if I can. As a SC SB I am definitely proud of the way Dr.Page has handled the Convention - and brought prayer into the proceedings. I was in Greensboro last year when he was voted in and I was also in attendance at the SC Baptist Convention last year, held at Taylors First Baptist - Dr. Page's home church. The volunteers did an awesome job - and that speaks well to the leadership at Taylors.

I also recently spoke with John Alexander, the Minister of Children at Taylors, about their children's curriculum and John was awesome to take time to help this small church Children's Pastor.

Lastly, if you need to hear about how Dr. Page is in leading the planting of new churches I would ask you to go view the following blog ( Tommy is someone I went to school with back in the 1980s at Winthrop University (then College) and has planted a church with the backing of Dr.Page and Taylors First Baptist.

I hope all of us, as Christians, can come in unity to realize that unified with Christ we can accomplish much but fighting amongst ourselves we will fail.

God Bless you and your ministry, Chuck! Good luck at BofA - look me up if you are ever in the Charlotte area or simply contact me anytime.

Chuck Bryce said...

Great to hear from you!

I have not been to Vatican City, I mean Charlotte in several years. I try to stay out of trouble and out of sight. Frank was our Pastor in Ft. Worth and we really love him. I could tell he was catching flack from somewhere other than the few people I heard saying something negative. If I am ever in CLT again I will look you up.

In Christ,