Saturday, August 02, 2008

At The Chick Thing

I went to a Chick Thing. My wife, the aspiring Christian author, received an invite to go to a get together of authors in The Woodlands. I went along. I learned something about the "division of authorship". It was billed as a meeting of 40 authors. I don't know how many there actually were but there were four men. Add myself and a handful of other men and I was trapped in a largely estrogen laden environment.

I had a good time. The host church, Wood's Edge, has a coffee shop at the front. One of the men writes Christian Westerns so I sat down with a ten dollar Western and a three dollar cup of coffee. (You get to keep the mug.)

It was time to go before I knew it and I had made it about a third of the way through the novel. Since I did not have my reading glasses I thought that was pretty good. I also made an additional observation about men versus women and coffee shop tables. They had those little tables in the foyer that are about the size of the platter we use for the Thanksgiving turkey. They had four chairs around each table. Now, I was sitting by myself and it was just perfect. If another man had come in and sat across the table from me that would have been ok too as long as we just kept our cups on the table. If you get up it would be ok to put your book on the table but no laying the book on the table while reading allowed. That's just sort of unwritten man rule in this kind of situation. If a third man had come in it would be cups only and we would have to move a chair out of the way and make sure we were forming a perfect three point triangle. If another guy showed up he could sit by himself.

I observed what was happening at another table. Same size table. Six women. Every single one had at least one elbow if not two on the table. They were cramped in like sardines in a can. They were happy. Go figure.

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