Friday, September 19, 2008

Fake versus Authentic

Apparently someone back in 1990 faked the discovery of a supposedly 4th Century cross in order to stop the construction of a liquor store. The truth has now been discovered and the cross is made from metal originating in the 19th Century. Read about it here.

Why do "well intentioned?" people try to pull stuff like this? Don't they realize that when the truth comes out their cause, and the cause of Christ, will be damaged more than any liquor store could do. What would Jesus do? I suspect if the liqour store got built he would be there establishing a relationship with lost people who needed Him.

This also brings to mind the real challenge Christ Followers face. Much of the time I think we tend to be fake in living out our Christian faith. Just be the real deal, honest in your convictions, quick to admit your failures, always putting the focus on Jesus and His cross rather than ourselves. That kind of authenticity draws people to the Master.

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