Thursday, July 02, 2009

Precious In The Sight Of The Lord...

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints." So say the words of Psalm 116:15. Tonight a dear Saint of God went home to be with the Lord. That Saint is my Aunt Hazel. I lost most contact with my paternal side of the family for many years. After being reunited to some extent (any distance from that point on was of my own doing) I came to greatly admire my Aunt Hazel.

In a family that had many problems she seemed to be a "burden bearer" who was there to carry the load. She took care of sisters and her Mother and all sorts of others who passed through her life. She was there as an encourager to me welcoming me back into contact with the family. I think she bore many burdens others never knew or knew of.

The point of this is not to tell how difficult she had it in life but what a joy she made it. To me she was always one with a kind word and a joyful spirit. So many thoughts are racing through my mind I cannot possibly put them to keyboard and screen. I hope that God will give me the maturity to be full of joy for the joy she now experiences. The one who I saw as a burden bearer is herself in the presence of the ultimate burden bearer and God of all comfort.

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