Saturday, August 04, 2007


Looks like I fell off the face of the earth for a while. See the last post of the Florida trip and suffice it to say we did the same thing through Sunday. We were there for a wedding that I was doing for one of my friends from work. We had it on the beach and it was beautiful! The cute and happy couple are displayed on the right.

The trip home was a one day deal as one of the sweet Godly women of our church had passed away. Her funeral meant that I really needed to work Monday. The funeral service was a great celebration of a life well lived. In one way it was easy to preach because there was no doubt in my mind about her salvation and the way she lived. On the other hand those funeral services are often hard to preach because the sermon has already been lived.

Yesterday we left for vacation number 2, Yellowstone. We drove a rear end numbing 13 hours to spend the night in the famous Kearney Nebraska. Ok, it may not be famous but it has at least one clean hotel!

We are off to see the "Home School Monument" this morning, otherwise known as Mount Rushmore National Monument. I am praying for an opportunity today to be a good and clear witness for Christ. Last night we asked our waitress how we could pray for her. She seemed grateful. What do you think of that practice?


marie said...

My husband often asks the waitress/waiter how he can pray for her/him and it has frequently led to deep conversations with them. The responses we have received leads us to believe that these type interchanges change the person's outlook - at least for that day anyway! And we always leave a big tip and a blessing card with scripture for them to carry around with them.

The results, of course, are up to the LORD, but it is our prayer that He will touch their hearts and draw them to Himself.

The LORD bless your travels and cause your hearts to soar as you vacation in His beautiful world!

Chuck Bryce said...

Thanks for the words. We are having a great time.