Monday, August 13, 2007

Son, We Need To Talk

WARNING: If you willfully choose to go to the link that follows you will likely be subject to uncontrollable laughter, possibly even leading to elevated tear duct activity and a slight but joyful pain in one or more of your sides.

At what point does this family stop and think, "This situation might not be the best."?

Those of you who have had adult children return home can at least take some encouragement (or warning) from this story.

I know that we have a problem in this country with families not living together and enjoying the fruits of multi generational interaction but this situation might be just a little too much.

Questions? So, how much allowance does he get? How did the police reconcile them with a straight face? Why did the police even try to reconcile them? Does anyone else want to go eat Momma's cooking with me and see if it is really all that bad?

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