Thursday, August 21, 2008

From Gulf Shores Alabama

I keep having this vision that I will suddenly wake up one morning and be a consistent blogger with lots of entertaining and informative and inspiring things to say. So far it has not happened.
Just so you will know we are on vacation this week in Gulf Shores Alabama. This used to be called the “Redneck Riviera” but it is now a photocopy of Pensacola or Destin but without as much traffic. I may be wrong about the traffic as we are here at the end of the summer and I suspect most vacationers have already returned home to prepare for the onslaught of the beginning of school. In addition some people are staying away as Tropical Storm/Hurricane/Tropical Storm Faye decides whether she is coming here or not.

Our condo is on the “Little Lagoon” here so we have our own fishing pier. There is also a small pool right downstairs from us. The main attraction, however, is the Gulf right across the street. There is a vacant lot right in front of us so we can see the ocean clearly.

Fun for us has consisted of lots of swimming and even more reading. The kids have all begged for more trips to the local bookstore for more supplies. It’s hard to tell a kid they are reading too much so off we go.

We have also golfed once and are about to go again. There are a lot of expensive highly rated courses in the area and if we come back we might try one of those but we played the muni course at Gulf Shores State Park. Forty four bucks including cart is a great deal. It is a wide open course with little water. It’s a great vacation course for the high handicappers (like us!). We lost 5 balls between the three of us. I shot 95 and happened to come out the winner.

I learned an important lesson while here; iphones can’t swim. Thanks to the good folk at the ATT store I am now back up and running on the new 16gig 3g model. I hated the destruction of the old one, especially since I was going to try to sell it on Ebay but that’s what I get for being greedy.

Another lesson: Quiet Times with God seem much more real when overlooking a beautiful sunrise over water. It’s either that or the lack of pressure to quit and get to work on time.
Anyway, we are off to golf, more swimming and reading. We are going to keep an eye on the weather as we may have to bug out a day early thanks to Faye.

Update: We just received word of the passing of Robin’s Uncle, K.T. “Junior” Mize. He has struggled against cancer for the last two years.

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