Monday, July 23, 2007

Vacation Part 1, Day 1 (Sort of)

Worked a few hours in the morning, the sign of a sickness. The first step to beating the problem is admitting you have one. I have a problem, vacation is the answer.

Now begins the great drive. The first leg is from Huntsville to Enterprise, Mississippi. We arrive about an hour and a half later than we expect. Still, we have a great visit with Cousin Shirley and her husband Ronnie, their grandson Zack and "Harley", a cute and hyper little black dog of questionable heritage who loves my daughters.

We also have in tow for this trip one of Charissa's friends, Laken. We are very nervous about having Laken with us. We are not nervous because she has barely ever been out of Texas before. We are not nervous because she will be so far away from home. We are not nervous that this is the longest she has ever been away from her parents. We are nervous because she is so well behaved we are afraid we will corrupt her and send her home less than the perfect Jewel she is!

Trying to relax but did not sleep well. Why is it that the most difficult battles in life seem to be the battles of the mind. I was battling the idea of relaxing.

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