Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vacation, Part 1, Day 2 Emotional Rock and Roll

Someone asked what the difference in part 1 and day 1 is. The "Part 1" stands for the current trip to Florida for one of my buddies' weddings. "Part 2" will be the upcoming family trip to Yellowstone.

Ronnie loves to get up early and cook breakfast. I love Ronnie. After a relaxing morning in the country he takes me to retrieve a chest filled with stuff about my natural Father that my Grandmother had saved.

It was an emotional and difficult/rewarding experience. I did not grow up knowing my Father. My "Dad" is my Step-Father, Bill. Dale was my natural Father and I did not see him from around age 6 to around age 18. I call those the "missing years".

Anyway, you find out some interesting things about someone by combing through their history. My Father was an LSU fan, go figure.

Supper with more kinfolk at a Bar-B-Q restaurant in Waynesboro, MS. Since I did not think my Buddy Kevin McKenzie from McKenzie's Barbecue in Huntsville Texas would find out I went ahead and ordered "pulled pork". There are some things that other parts of the country actually does better than we do it in Texas. Barbecue ain't one of 'em.

Up late debriefing the trunk contents with cousins. They have really helped to sort though the emotional baggage and to fill in the blanks in my missing history.

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