Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vacation, Part 1, Day 3 The Bama Saga

Today is my Brother Richard's birthday. Received and returned email from him. Prayed for his continued saftey on fulfilling the mission he is on in the field. Go Air Force!

Before leaving we take time to cross Stuckey Bridge over the Chunky River. It was built in the early 1900's and is a great example of a small suspension bridge. Ronnie says the local legend is that they hung a man on the bridge for killing a local judge in the 20's and the bridge has creeked ever since.

We stop at Dunne Falls. This has got to be the most natural creation of man I have ever heard about. There were no Falls. In the late 1800's someone noticed the cliffs and got the idea this would make a great place for a gristmill. They diverted the flow over one or more streams over the "Falls" and created a beautiful three tiered Falls into the Chunky.

As Dr. Seuss would say, "But that is not all." There is an old gristmill at the top of the Falls but it was not originally there. It is actually a mill from Georgia that was moved there and reassembled. We got to see the owner turn the big wheel pn for our enjoyment. Amazing what you can find just a little off the beaten track.

Leaving Enterprise, Mississippi to head through Alabama and on to Destin, FL. Turn around in Quitman, MS to go halfway back to Enterprise to retrive number one son's cell phone. Leave MS and enter the great State of Alabama.

Sweetie learns an interesting little fact about Alabama. All of the two lane highways in good 'ole Bama are 55 MPH. Nice State but in Texas we actually drive. Let's face it, 55 speed limit was the bad answer to the energy crisis of the 70's. Smilin' Jimmy from Plains, GA ain't the President any more so change the number and let my horsepower go!

Arrived, finally, USS Alabama in Mobile. Feelings for State of Alabama renewed after above dissapointment. We did not have time to tour the ship as our progress had been somewhat impeded by above mentioned driving fiasco. Still, we looked around and too a few solemn moments at the Korean and Vietnam memorials.

"You ain't gonna believe this" moment: I picked up a plastic model of the USS Alabama, turned it over and saw "Made in Japan". I'm all for free market forces but it would be nice to see "Made in the USA" on our models of military vessels.

Arrive Destin, Florida, white sand and emerald water. God had his game face on when He created this little slice of beach. Our Condo, paid for by my friend as I am doing the wedding, has a big window and balcony overlooking the beach. We are right on the water. Take the elevator down, through the double doors and you are on the beach. Life is good.

Beginning to think I may be able to relax.

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